More about Live and Layered Cell Analysis

The Goal

Through the holistic process of intake forms and cell analysis we can determine potential imbalances such as bowel inflammation, adrenal stress, and degenerative diseases. Together we will find the tools which bring you to a place of balance and wellness. 

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What to expect

The appointment begins with an intake form that looks at nutrition, lifestyle, stress level, support systems, sleep, poop (yes, we talk about poop a lot), history and much more. 

I gather background information to get a complete picture of your over-all health and well-being as well as the goals you wish to achieve. 

I collect a sample of blood for the live analysis on a glass slide and also collect 8 small drops of blood, which are left exposed to oxygen to dry for the layered analysis. 

After viewing the red and white blood cells under the high-powered microscope I am able to see potential mineral and vitamin deficiencies, potential toxicity, levels of dehydration, pH balance, food or environmental sensitivities, possible parasitic activity and many other potential conditions. 

For the layered analysis we view the dried sample for toxins and areas of possible inflammation or imbalance. The pattern we see gives us clues to what might be going on in the body. 

Our Garden

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The picture of the cells is like a picture of our internal garden. We want the correct amount of supportive nutrients for the growth to flourish. 

Every garden is unique and each plant needs its own unique nourishment. So does your unique body. This nourishment includes food but also the nourishment of relaxation, sleep, social interactions and possible supplementation. With support and the right tools, your garden can recuperate and regrow. Your body wants to be healthy and balanced. 

If you are ready to take the journey which allows you to flourish, contact me to ensure that your garden is in full bloom. 

How I work with you:

Together we establish what imbalances are inhibiting your overall wellness. I will create you a plan that includes nutritional and lifestyle adjustments, which support your unique biochemistry and assist you in reestablishing your natural internal balance and wellness. 

You will learn to listen to the messages your body sends you and discover your individual needs for optimal wellness. I provide you with the tools and support you need to achieve your goals for health. 

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