What our clients have to say:

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I had a wonderful experience with Laurel, she offered me a well rounded and intuitive consult. Her tips were great and I felt she was listening and was truly interested in my concerns. She provided me with detailed notes from our conversations so that I could refer back to the tips and suggestions when needed. I’ve definitely implemented some of the changes that she has recommended and I’d highly recommend her services to anybody who is wanting to understand how their nutrition choices can positively effect their lifestyle. Thanks Laurel!!  
- Lindley



                      Supporting your journey. However that may look. 

 "It is much more than nutritional information.

Laurel provides the support and counseling needed
to integrate information into a wellness plan." 
- Pam




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"Laurel will provide you with her undivided attention. She brings a down to earth and realistic approach to health and wellness.  Laurel is incredibly understanding, empathetic, loving and compassionate. Laurel has extensive knowledge of nutrition, fitness, pregnancy health as well as overall health and wellness.
Laurel knows what it takes to achieve your internal balance!
I would highly recommend Laurel for anyone that is seeking to improve their heath and gain a deeper understanding of how their current nutrition is affecting their body."  -Sloane

"After seeing Laurel she dramatically increased my energy levels while only making one simple change! So grateful to be wide awake and full of energy during the afternoon instead of sleepy and sluggish." - Rain