I offer education, support and guidance to individuals to find balance, wellness and vitality

Our body is continually striving to bring us back to our natural state of health and wellness and I will provide you with the tools to learn to listen to your bodies messages and discover what your individual body needs for optimal wellness. I will support you in finding the foods and lifestyle that support your unique biochemistry and assist you in reestablishing your natural internal balance. 

By providing support to individuals, I assist my clients in reestablishing their natural internal balance. 

I do this by providing face to face, phone or online support sessions where I will assess clients current health concerns, and food choices. I create a plan which may include meal planning and recipes, lifestyle support and supplementation recommendations to fulfill clients health goals. The services I provide are unique because I want to work from where the client is at and help them discover how they can heal themselves with out relying on diets, fads and drugs. Individuals that will benefit from my services are those who have a desire to be more full of life, energy, vitality, health and balance.  

A picture of your cells

I offer Live and Layered Cell Microscopy

The picture of the cells is like a picture of our internal garden. We want the correct amount of supportive nutrients for the growth to flourish.

Every garden is unique and each plant needs its own unique nourishment. So does your unique body.

wild flowers.jpeg

This nourishment includes food but also the nourishment of relaxation, sleep, social interactions and possible supplementation. With support and the right tools, your garden can recuperate and regrow. Your body wants to be healthy and balanced.

If you are ready to take the journey which allows you to flourish, contact me to ensure that your garden is in full bloom.

I have a special interest in working with women and families including fertility, pregnancy, postnatal care and family support.

Assisting you and your family to be the best you can be    Internal Balance--Nutritional Guidance

Assisting you and your family to be the best you can be

Internal Balance--Nutritional Guidance

In my previous life, I worked with children and adults with special needs, for over 15 years, in various situations as well as working as an Early Childhood Educator in daycare and preschool settings. My education includes Early Childhood Educator Certification as well as Social Work.