More than just a Yogi


When I first went to Natasha Scott's prenatal yoga class more than 2 years ago I felt, for one of the first times, that I may be able to find 'my people' in Penticton. I had found some of my people in the lovely ladies at Vitamin King but I still sometimes felt that I wanted more community, more of a support network.

I didn't just get pregnant to make friends but I did really hoped that through pregnancy I would meet some like minded people and create a larger network. Little did I know how transitional this class would be for me. Natasha creates a space of warmth love and caring and I was privileged enough to be able to attended weekly classes from about 10 weeks pregnant, every Friday, until Jaxton was born. What I gained from this class was so much more than flexIblity, breath and movement. I gained knowledge about pregnancy, the birthing process, support systems in town, and postpartum tips. But more than all that I gained confidence as a mother, and I gained a life long community of women and families. The women I met at Natasha's yoga class become my close support circle and these women are still who I call on two years later. Although our lives may be busy between work, family and busy toddlers, we know that we are there for support and connection when it's needed. The children of these moms also happen to be some of Jaxton's favourite little people. 

One of the few clear memories that I have of first being in the hospital is when I was first admitted to maternity in hopes of keeping Jaxton and I together, when we first realized I needed more mental health support. I don't know how Natasha came to be there but I remember turning over in a dark hospital room and seeing Natasha snuggling Jaxton. I had this overwhelming feeling that everything was going to be okay. It was a moment of peace among the chaos and something that I will remember forever. I am so grateful for that beautiful memory among so many other memories of that time that are less than clear and less than peaceful. 

When I return to yoga for my second pregnancy, I was very excited to have this quiet time to relax toddler free. I didn't start until later in pregnancy because I had not made time for this important self-care. I knew that Natasha had been exploring many different avenues of training and she had also opened her own studio but what I didn't expect is that Natasha had also grown so much as a instructor. The first class I attended, I remember thinking, how does something that good, get even better. Like a fine wine that just gets better with age, except that Natasha doesn't seem older just more vibrant, wise and even more youthful. She is like a beautiful flower that you thought had bloomed it's most beautiful full bloom and then it bursts with an even more exceptional blossom. I could go on and on about her incredible spirit but if you have met her, I'm sure you feel this too.  If you have not experienced Natasha's contagious laughter, her soft warm presence and her talented teaching style, you could seek her out. She is truly a gem in this community and I am so grateful to have her as part of my community.

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