The Assembly Line

Did you know that every Red Blood Cell in your body goes through a production line where all the essential ingredients are added?

Imagine it's like a professional kitchen where the chef's are creating your next tasty meal at your favourite restaurant (I know the best small restaurants don't have assembly line kitchens but just bear with me;)
Some of the essential nutrients to red blood cell formation include folic acid, iron and B12. If these ingredients are missing in the body the red blood cell 'meal' is less than complete. 
The red blood cell will still be created but it will be less than optimal and therefore will not function at its maximum capacity. 
If your meal at the restaurant came, and ingredients were missing, you might be a little upset or disappointed. You may or may not complain about the missing ingredients, or maybe you don't even notice this missing ingredients because you are so focused on eating the meal. 
Your body is the same; all of the ingredients are crucial to optimal functioning. But you may not notice something is missing. Maybe you just feel like things are not quite right but your not sure why. You can't put your finger on what is missing. 

In Live and Layered Cell analysis, we are able to look at the cells under a high powered microscope and see how the red blood cells are functioning. Did they get all the ingredients they need to be functioning at their highest potential? 

Curious? Want to know more?
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