What is Live and Layered Cell Analysis? And who is a Microscopist?

I have been working out of Transformative Health in West Kelowna as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist for over a year now (along with my practice in Penticton). When I first started there, Stacey, one of the owners asked me if I would be interested in learning Live and Layered Blood Analysis. Even though I did not know much about this modality, it was an automatic Yes. As I researched more, looked at schools, talked to people and over analyzed, I began to question if this was the road that I wanted to take. Not because I did not see value in the practice, I did see value, but I was afraid to commit to something new and different. I was afraid to invest more in school and I over-thought the whole thing. 

After going around in circles, trying make a decision, I was reminded again and again of my instant gut reaction to Stacey when she asked me. Knowing very little about the practice, my gut told me Yes! It was only when I let my analytical brain take over that I began to question investing in this modality. If undertaking a new adventure, I do think it is important to consider if it is something that you really want to do. You can weigh out the pros and the cons, think about where it might take you in the future and try to predict if it is the 'right' decision. But really are we ever to know where a decision might take us, is there really a 'right' and 'wrong' decision? I think that we don't really know where a path might take us and there is not really any 'right' or 'wrong' decisions. My parents always encouraged me to educate myself even if just for the purpose of knowledge. So I followed my gut and registered at Health House in Toronto.
In June 2017, my family and I set out for Toronto for the intensive 5 day training and a family vacation (my husband so kindly informed me that if I was going to do more school, he was coming with me for the holiday!;)

I spent 5 full days at the school with a variety of practitioners learning about live and layered cell analysis as well as learning how to use a specialized high powered microscope. These 5 days tested my brain but everything I learned made so much sense and felt like a natural addition to my practice.

Let's take a little step back from the training for a moment-----Since becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, I have learned that I am the type of practitioner that wants more proof. I don't just want to say to clients, use this product because somebody said it was good. I don't want to tell clients to stop using chemicals on their bodies because a Facebook post said so; I want more proof. I want research, statistics and concrete evidence behind my recommendations. Sometimes this can be a frustrating task because, if you dig for it, you can always find someone that disagrees or tries to discredit research. There are so many differing opinions that it can be very confusing for the general public as well as for many practitioners.
What I discovered was that Live and Layered Cell Analysis offered me a tool that I had been searching for. This tool allows client and practitioner to look at the messages that the body is sending us. It give us, as a team, a guide for our health goals. It is a tool to educate the client and practitioner about how the body is behaving and what factors may be contributing to dis-ease and imbalance. 

I will say this here and I will say it again in all consultations; this method is not a diagnostic tool, it is not the same as a traditional blood test that you would receive from a lab. Those test are useful for determining many things. Live and Layered Cell Analysis is not a better tool, it is a different tool. 

So what does an appointment look for Live and Layered Cell Analysis look like?
It begins with an in-depth intake form that looks at nutrition, lifestyle, stress level, support systems, sleep, poop (yes we talk about poop a lot), history and so much more. This is to gather background information to give us a complete picture of your over health and well being as well as the goals you wish to achieve. After reviewing your forms, I perform a capillary puncture on the finger with a tool similar to what diabetics would take an insulin sample with. This does not hurt, it feels like a small mosquito bite with out the horrible itching afterwards.
I collect a sample of blood for the live analysis, on a glass slide, which is covered so it is not exposed to oxygen. I also collect 8 small drops of blood which are left exposed to oxygen to dry for the layered analysis. 
For the live analysis, we view the red and white blood cells under the high powered microscope looking for abnormalities in cell structure and behaviour that may point us to imbalances in the body. For the layered analysis we view the dried sample for toxins and areas of possible inflammation or imbalance. While the sample dries, different toxins spin out to areas of the sample depending on their weight and this gives us clues to what might be going on in the body. Through the holistic process of intake forms and cell analysis we can determine imbalances such as bowel inflammation, adrenal stress, and the potential for degenerative disease. Again, this is not a diagnostic tool. 
I loved how a teacher at the school described this practice; It can give the client and practitioner an idea about how the terrain in the body is functioning. It is like a picture of our garden. We want healthy soil for the plants to grow. We want just the right about of the right nutrients for the growth to flourish. If there is too much sun and not enough water, our garden could suffer. Every garden in unique and each plant needs its own unique nourishment. So does our body; Every body is unique, each body needs specific nourishment to flourish. This nourishment includes food but also the nourishment of relaxation, sleep, social interactions and support. Just because there is a dry spell in the garden, or some undesirable substance gets into the garden, doesn't mean that its all over for the garden. With support and the right tools, the garden can recuperate and regrow.

This is what we can do together. Our bodies want to be well and healthy. Our bodies are constantly striving to bring us back to a place of homeostasis. Sometimes they just need a little help. If you want to take the journey to allow yourself to flourish, contact me and we will ensure that your terrain is supportive to wellness and health. 
If you have any questions about this new modality that I am adding to my practice, please do not hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I would love to hear from you. 
To book an appointment, please contact the clinic at www.transformativehealth.ca or call 250-707-0222 (we don't have an online booking system so we are able to direct clients and answer any questions when client is booking). 

Your Local Passionate Health Specialist, Microscopist, Live and Layered Cell Analysts, I hope to hear from you soon.