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One of the benefits of working at Vitamin King is that we get to do product training sessions which end up being life training session. The latest Purica training with Jason Watkin was one of those trainings that left the participants excited about life and wellness.

Jason is a super energetic individual who radiates excitement and enthusiasm about life. Jason inspires his listeners to learn more, be more and live more! He has had more adventures and experiences in his life than many people could achieve in a couple life times. One of his many adventures was studying eastern religion. This is where he came across the idea of a blue sky brain. 

 A blue sky brain is achieved when your thoughts rise above the clouds. 

 Imagine a mid-winter, super cloudy day. One of those winter days where no one can even remember what the sun looks like? 

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Imagine, on one of these days getting on an airplane, as you gain elevation there is a break in the clouds. All of a sudden, blue sky is everywhere. 

Down on the ground, things looked so grey and dismal but when you moved through the clouds, you found the blue sky. 

The blue sky was there all the time. You just couldn’t see it because of the clouds getting in the way. 
This is what it can feel like to suddenly stop all those thoughts and worries that swirl around our brains. From clouded, foggy, stressed brain to clear focused blue sky brain! Can you imagine??! 

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 Jason talked about achieving this through meditation and mindfulness and also through supplementation, which is nothing new or revolutionary. 

 What was unique was the undeniable connection that Jason made between stress and disease development. Stress is said to be the new killer. Jason concluded that it is not just stress but a lack of a clear, calm brain which created un-wellness and disease. 

Here is a little background about the stress response:

Our bodies operate in the fight or flight, or in the rest, digest and recovery mode, also known as sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system responses. 

In fight or flight (sympathetic nervous system response) our body works to get away from the real or perceived danger as fast as possible. This results in increased heart rate and increased blood flow away from the core (and digestion) to the limbs to help a person prepare to fight or take flight. There is also a spike in stress hormones which effects a number of functions including blood sugar levels and blood pressure. When the body is in rest, digest and recover mode (parasympathetic nervous system response) the body can focus on immunity, disease prevention, repair of the tissues, digestion and other functions that keeps us alive and healthy long term.  The body systems suffer from functioning for long periods of time in fight or flight. Many people are in this mode all day, every day and even as they sleep. Human bodies are not meant to stay in fight or flight for long. Results of this are that people wake up feeling exhausted, they get sick more, and are not able to recover from injuries. Other symptoms can be digestive complaints, bowel irregularities and hormone imbalances. During fight or flight, cells break down at a faster rate and a myriad of symptoms follow. One of the most all encompassing is an increase rate of aging. These symptoms can include bone deterioration, wrinkles, muscle atrophy, decreased mobility and an increase rate of disease. These are all things that we would like to avoid. There is nothing wrong with aging, but I hope to age with grace and wellness rather than weakness and disease. We can change our experience of health by simply slowing down the brain and thus slowing down the aging process.  Think of a blue sky brain as the best antioxidant you can give your body!

At the end of the day, we all have stressors in our life and that is unavoidable, it is how we respond to these stressors that change how we feel and ultimately how our body functions.

Imagine Your Health With a Blue Sky Brain!

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