De-Stress Your Life

De-Stress Your Life

Ask yourself: Is this good/productive stress or bad/harmful stress?

The result of harmful stress on body:

  • Blood moves away from digestion = decrease digestive capacity
  • Immunity decreases = increased risk of illness or disease
  • Body is not focused on repair and recovery = increase risk of disease or injury
  • Increase blood pressure and heart rate = increase risk of disease/illness

What Can You Do To Reduce The Effects Of Stress:

  • Breathe - take the foot off the gas pedal
  • Eat when relaxed with attention to digestion
  • Avoid raw foods when stress is higher
  • Eat protein with each meal and snack
  • Eat smaller meals and snacks when stress is higher
  • Reenergize with an ‘Afternoon Refuel’ before the crash (1-3pm) with vitamin C rich food and protein rich snack