What is your body telling you?

It has been a while and I feel like so much has happened since my last blog. My life has been a divine example of what happens when you put an idea out to the universe. I knew I wanted to get my business up and running again and sure enough with very little time this is what the universe handed me. People often say that you have to be careful what you ask for and well, you do need to be aware of the messages you are sending the universe because they might just happen. 

At the same time I was thinking about my business, I also was thinking how nice it would be to earn some more money while staying home with Jaxton and how much fun it was to have his little friends over for play dates. And so my wishes were granted. I had a friend ask me to look after her little guy one day a week and another friend referred me to a clinic in Westbank that was hiring a nutritionist.

All of a sudden it felt like doors were opening all over the place and I wanted to jump into all of them, all at once. For anyone that knows me, this 'everything all at once' way of being is something that is very familiar to me although not always the most sustainable or healthy way of living. For a week I did think I could do it all.....work at Vitamin King, be a stay a home mom, provide childcare for other children, and build my nutrition practice. But quicker than I could realize that my body was saying 'No this doesn't work!' I heard a message coming from my son, Jaxton, loud and clear. He became super clingy to me, crying when I left him anywhere, even with family. He was irriatible, and generally just not his happy little self. It didn't take me long to realize that this change was related to the extra busyness and stress that I had been experiencing. It reminded me that if I was really listening to my body, I would have heard the same message but it was just so much harder to ignore when the message was delivered by a sad and distressed little boy. So I sat down with my husband Jason. We prioritized and came up with a plan that hopefully will be healthy for all of us. 

I am continuing to work at Vitamin King two days a week because this workplace has become my extended family, and a vital part of my community. I have learned so much from the ladies working there and I know that I have so much more to learn from them. I will be consulting out of the Willow Community Midwives office in Penticton every Friday for full or half days depending on the week (see facebook or my website for monthly updates of days and times). I will be working out of Transformative Health in Westbank Saturday's starting October 1st and am still available for consultations other times with a bit of notice. Oh and I did say yes to looking after another little boy for two months, one day a week but this really doesn't feel like work most days and it is something we will re-evaluate come November. 

I am committing to listening to my bodies messages if this doesn't work and if my ears fail me and it is not working, I have my dear sweet boy to let me know if life is getting too busy for our little family. 

I hope that you are finding ways to listening to the messages your body sends you because usually they are loud and clear, we can just get very good at tuning it out. When you listen to your bodies messages you can find new ways to find happiness and balance in all areas of your life. 

To new adventures, exciting opportunities and to listening to the loud clear messages our bodies send to us. I am excited to share this time of growth with you.