Laurel Garner's Real Life Food Journal

Laurel Garner’s Real Life Food Journal

(this was done a while ago but I neglected to post;0)

surprised potato

November 28th (Monday- work at Vitamin King day)

630am  Lemon water and probiotic

730           ½ breakfast smoothie (1/2 banana, spinach, berries, whey protein powder, coconut milk from a can and water) on the run while getting Jaxton ready. Vitamins (please ask if you want to know what I take)

Run -30 minutes

9           Rest of smoothie while working at computer and Vega Hydrator in 1 litre water

930           Coffee with milk and Stevia

1210pm        Nuts and dried apricots at work on the go

1             6 ish -Artisan Crisps (cranberry and cashew with black quinoa)      

120           Relaxed unrushed lunch at work- 2 cups burrito mix (homemade) with salsa (store bought) and 1 tbsp. Caesar salad dressing (store bought). Felt satisfied but wanted coffee.

              2-dried apricots- I still want coffee

              Greens powder (some ginseng in greens mix) in 1 litre water

410           Tired and hungry. I still want coffee.

              Breakfast Espresso snack bar (Vegi Daily- 3 grams protein-hmm not much protein, thought there was more in these bars)

              Protein shake with water

              Vitamin C powder in water

5-6           Apple pieces and 2 crackers

730           Dinner while watching TV. 1.5 bowls pasta ravioli with creamy and tomato sauce (all store bought) with cheese, Caesar salad and ½ white bun

 November 29 (Tuesday- non work day)

6             Lemon water and probiotic

8             1-cup smoothie (1/2 banana, strawberries, whey protein powder, coconut milk from a can and water). Vitamins

9             Coffee with milk and Stevia

              1 cup Smoothie

1230          Burrito (homemade with soft tortilla wrap and cheese)

              1/3 cup cold coffee

Water with minerals (please ask if you want to know my favorites)

230           Vega hydrator and 2000mg Vitamin C Powder

330           protein bar, nuts and apricots


530           cheese and crackers

730           muffin (1/2 homemade)


              3 ½ pieces pizza (store bought)

9             In bed

December 17 (office work day in Kelowna)

730           Lemon water and probiotics

830           Shake while doing dishes (almond milk, blueberries, banana, coconut yogurt, whey protein powder)

10            Coffee with Eggnog and Stevia

              Water with minerals

1130          Orange and homemade muffin

1245          Carrot and peas, homemade sloppy joes


              Water with powdered vitamin C

Oh bother, forgot to write down the rest of the day. I know it is hard to do but it is helpful for you, the client and for me, your nutritionist. Stay posted for more food journals from a Real live Nutritionist, that is also human and not perfect.