Vitamin D. Are you getting enough?

The Sunshine Vitamin.

Sunshine vitamin

Most of us have heard about Vitamin D and many of us take it, especially in the winter. Some people may to this because they read about it or some people may have been told by their doctors to take Vitamin D, especially in the winter. But how much do we actually need?

I did some research on this topic as I wanted to see what information was out there for the public. I know what we tell people at Vitamin King and I know what I do but I wanted to know what other organizations, such as Health Canada, were recommending. 

Eat Right Ontario states that we should not depend on the sunshine to get our vitamin D because absorption and utilization of Vitamin D is dependant on full body exposure with no sunscreen. The amount of Vitamin D our body can make also depends on things such as skin colour and age (amount we can utilize decreases with age as our need for it increases). 

In 2015, The Globe and Mail posted an article about the confusion around Vitamin D intake and the many differing opinions on the topic. One part of the article states that research found that "RDAs for vitamin D are only about one-tenth those needed to cut incidence of diseases related to vitamin D deficiency.” ( A broadcast on CTV later in 2015 stated similar findings. 

IN 2010, Health Canada published an article about the need for review of RDA. The new upper limit was set for children and adults aged 9-70 at 4000 IU (100 mpg) with the lower limit being 600 IU (15 mpg). (For full article and listings for all ages visit --

Osteoporosis Canada states that Vitamin D is defiantly related to not only bone health by increasing the absorption of calcium but that is also assists with muscle function. 

I have begun to see why people get so confused when they start to look online for information about supplements and nutritional health, it is confusing to me too! 

I think we can concluded that in Canada, especially in the winter (unless you go somewhere tropical for the winter) that we need some Vitamin D. The amount we need I will leave up to you but I think that somewhere round 1000 IU for adults seems like a common recommendation. If you are concerned you can contact your doctor and ask to pay for a Vitamin D test (out of your own pocket). 

If you want more information about Vitamin D and Seasonal Affect Disorder, please contact me. 

Always consult the package of the product for specific instructions on dosing for your age or consult your health practitioner.